Is the end of the world nigh?

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If you wanted to stoke up a little bit of a panic with an apocalyptic flavour, then today could be just the opportunity you have waited for.

After all, on the morning we all wake to hear there is a meteorite the size of an Olympic swimming pool hurtling towards us at remarkable speed and close enough to potentially take out a few satellites, we also see terrifying scenes from Russia of an apparently entirely unrelated asteroid scorching across the skies and injuring hundreds of people.

All in all a little bit scary.

Now, admittedly, I have struggled all morning to get out of my mind a vision of an actual Olympic swimming pool, complete with swimmers and water sloshing over the sides, tearing through space in our direction – leaving in its wake a lot of annoyed Sky viewers who find their television signal disappearing in a little puff of smoke as the Sky satellite crashes into the deep end.

It will, we are assured, miss us quite comfortably.

But the truth is, would the authorities tell us if this meteor/swimming pool was actually going to smash into us and kill millions? Just imagine the panic.

What’s more, when I see the footage of the asteroid in Russia, all I can think of is the opening scenes of surely the finest ‘we’re about to get hit by an asteroid’ movie ever, Armageddon, when a bit of space rock crashes into New York.

In the corridors of power of NASA right now, is there a desperate call out for the world’s top drillers, headed by Bruce Willis, to learn how to become astronauts in a matter of a couple of hours in order to fly out, land on the swimming pool, and blow it to kingdom come before it hits Earth?

(See, I say it’s the greatest film of all time, and who can argue when that is its basic storyline).

So we have a meteorite crashing into Russia. A swimming pool with the ability to make us all extinct on its way tonight and NASA and Bruce Willis concocting a ridiculous far-fetched plan (Okay, that last bit I may have made up, but still.)

I would like to think this is the moment that internet conspiracy forums were made for. So go and spread your fears. Spread your crazy speculation. And tomorrow go and delete it all as soon as possible.


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