Is this the pop quiz to beat all pop quizes?

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While I am quite happy to admit that I can get addicted to lots of things at a sometimes quite alarming rate and for an equally alarming length of time, my current obsession has taken even me by surprise.

Refreshingly, it’s not even drained my bank balance for once. Although I am still at the stage where I’m getting handed it free in order to develop my addiction.

I’ve never injected anything dodgy into my bloodstream, but I cannot imagine even the most exhilarating dose of the most sensational drug of choice will come close to emulating the sheer joy of my new fascination.

I will sneak off to get a hit of it. I will go almost into a trance as I top up my levels and secure my fix.

Now, I know after that build up you’re expecting my addiction to be something truly, hopelessly rubbish.

And indeed you would be right to think I have left a transparent literary trap for you to tumble into. Because my obsession is nothing really exciting like a drug or even some sort of exotic sexual practice. No. It is a little game called SongPop.

It is a free app you play on a handheld and, should you consider yourself a bit of a whiz when it comes to music of a certain era, it is a game you need in your life.

The premise is simple. You hear five snippets of a song. All you have to do is identify the song or the artist as swiftly as you can. You then challenge others with similar musical tastes to you and whoever guessed quickest secures a point.

And so SongPop goes on – batting little contests back and forth for a week before Sunday night comes and scores are all reset.

(I like to think there are many others sat on the lav in pursuit of the peace and quiet necessary to hear the songs, and spending about 45 minutes in there at any one time to the extent that you have actually lost the sensation of one if not both of your legs).

Categories range from (my favourite) the 80s collection, to similar categories for most decades, genres and a host of others inbetween.

Without wishing to sound like an advert for it, it is horrendously addictive, and, when you find yourself involved in a closely fought battle, when your finger slips to Five Star when you meant to press Duran Duran your screams – like mine – will be heard echoing down the street.

Granted, I ought to probably not get quite so upset at a complete stranger thinking I genuinely thought Five Star were the group behind Hungry Like The Wolf, but I think I have gone too far now ever to simply shrug it off.

Even now, as I write this, I’m pondering what challenges will await me tonight as I clash against the 20-odd folk I regularly lock horns with; our knowledge of obscure 80s pop being played out across the Wi-Fi airwaves of the UK.

Anyway, I’m boring you now, I can tell. Trust me though... if you want to waste plenty of that precious spare time of yours, SongPop is your ticket to do so in style.


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