Fuel campaign hits 100,000 mark to trigger debate

An online petition, set up by Kent campaigners, calling on action to prevent fuel costs spiralling upwards, has hit the 100,000 mark – the required amount to trigger a debate in the House of Commons.

The petition, set up on the Government’s e-petition website, becomes only the third to obtain the required number of signatures to prompt a Commons debate.

Among those behind its setting up was Peter Carroll, from Folkestone, organiser of the FairFuel UK campaign.

The petition called for planned fuel duty increased to be scrapped and prices at the pumps stabilised.

Mr Carroll said: “The public have spoken loud and clear. They want politicians to understand a cut in fuel duty will help stimulate growth.”

The only two other petitions to have hit the 100,000 mark called for those involved in the summer riots to lose their benefits and for cabinet papers on the Hillesborough football disaster to be released.